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Stay active in a body that works better.

Function at your best.


Hurt less so you can do more.

"Dr. Taylor is awesome and very thorough. After the adjustment, she'll work in some light movement training with the gym equipment. Each appointment is 45 minutes to an hour. Not like a typical 5-10 minute Chiro visit."

"Thank you so much for making my return to the gym and my first chiropractic experience so delightful. I'm feeling great today!"

Young Tennis Player

No pain, ALL the gain.

We utilize a combination of chiropractic and physical rehabilitation techniques to get you out of pain and back in shape. You'll play harder with less pain. 

Running Marathon

It should be tough, but it shouldn't  painful.

Pain requires a multi-faceted approach. Spinal adjustments are one technique, but we use a variety of exercise, rehabilitation techniques, soft tissue work, mobility drills, adjustments, and more to address your unique situation with a variety of solutions.

Playing Basketball

Never stop playing.

At SkanStrength Chiro, we believe in helping you build longevity. We do not give you a quick fix treatment, we help you get out of pain today, but we show you the way to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

About Dr. Taylor

After completing my undergraduate degree in Health & Nutrition, I achieved my Doctorate and Advanced Certificate in Sports Science & Human Movement from New York Chiropractic College in 2019. 

Having a broad background of all aspects of health allows me to get to the root of the issues for my patients. I utilize a combination of chiropractic treatments, soft tissue & stretching modalities, rehabilitation and recovery techniques, and healthy living guidance to alleviate, manage, and resolve acute and chronic pain, injuries, or conditions. 

My chiropractic practice is located in Skaneateles out of my family owned and operated group exercise and rehabilitation facility.

Click below to schedule an initial consultation so I can help you live a healthier, happier, pain free life!


Let's get you feeling better.



Initial Consultation


15 Minute Soft Tissue Session


30 Minute Follow Up


60 Minute Follow Up


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