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Mobility Sessions

Motion is Medicine.

There are innumerable benefits to becoming more active and mobile. Directly or indirectly - pain, "tightness", strength, flexibility, and general fitness can all improve from a steady diet of regular mobility sessions.

During the short, 30-minute sessions, our Doctors will take you through a variety of mobility & flexibility movements, techniques, and routines to address problem areas, make your body feel more loose and limber, and to improve your fitness.

If you are already active, being more mobile may be a benefit to your favorite hobbies. If you are looking to increase your activity levels, these mobility sessions are a perfect place to begin.

Girl Stretching

Your Mobility Sessions will Include the Following


Active Stretching

Mobility sessions include a variety of movements that require you to challenge your current ranges of motion. Your flexibility will improve because you will engage in a wide range of positions and postures that train your body to tolerate greater ranges of motion. 


Cardiovascular Fitness

Active stretching is essentially movement through a variety of ranges of motion. By constantly moving or holding to and from different positions your muscular and cardiovascular system will be stimulated causing adaptations in your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Woman Sprinting

Muscular Endurance 

Being able to hold and move from position to position requires a great deal of muscular stamina. Regular mobility training can improve your muscular endurance while inherently improving your flexibility and mobility.

The SkanStrength Chiro Difference
What to Expect at your First Visit

Your initial consultation won't seem like your normal visit to the doctor. Your Chiropractor will spend an hour or more digging into your medical history, injury, pain experience, lifestyle factors, fears, and anything that is pertinent to developing a short- and long-term solution for your individual situation. 

Once you've completed your initial consult, your Doctor will begin developing a Care Plan as your guide back to and beyond what you would like to achieve throughout your rehabilitation process. 

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