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Recovery Session

Self-Care at its Finest.

A quiet place, leg massagers, your feet up, and a Vitamin-D lamp can go a long way in helping your mind and body heal, recover, and rejuvenate. 

During your 30-minute recovery session you will have access to our Normatec Recovery Boots utilized by elite level athletes to help them heal and be ready for the demands of their practice and competition schedule. 

You will sit near a warm, Vitamin-D lamp to reap the benefits of the sun's energy, even if the sun is hiding outside. You can bring music, a healthy beverage, and let your body recover in the privacy of your own recovery room.

In a world filled with "more is better", sometimes "less really is more".


Your Recovery Sessions will Include the Following


Normatec Recovery Boots

Normatec Recovery boots are the trend in the sports-recovery world right now. With a variety of settings, these self-massagers allow you to sit back and relax your mind and body while they do the work. Once they're turned on, you just let them do their job while you get the R&R you've been seeking.


Vitamin D-Lamp

The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin-D and where we live, it's just not out enough of the time. Utilizing a Vitamin-D lamp can help you fill your body with the necessary amounts of Vitamin-D to keep your body and mind functioning at a healthy level.

Sitting Meditation

A Few Minutes of Peace

Sitting in a quiet place with no distractions is an antidote to life stressors as old as time, itself. Take advantage of the peace and quiet while your body recovers so your heart can relax and your mind can stop racing.

The SkanStrength Chiro Difference
What to Expect at your First Visit

Your initial consultation won't seem like your normal visit to the doctor. Your Chiropractor will spend an hour or more digging into your medical history, injury, pain experience, lifestyle factors, fears, and anything that is pertinent to developing a short- and long-term solution for your individual situation. 

Once you've completed your initial consult, your Doctor will begin developing a Care Plan as your guide back to and beyond what you would like to achieve throughout your rehabilitation process. 

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