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Barbell with Weights

Exercise Rehabilitation

A Modern Approach to Chiropractic Treatment

Our Chiropractic approach is focused heavily on utilizing a combination of adjustments, exercise, soft-tissue therapy, and nutritional guidance as medicine for pain and an antidote for getting you back to being active with a newfound confidence in your body and wellbeing.

Back pain, muscle strains & pulls, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and most musculoskeletal pains and injuries can be alleviated and resolved through our approach. 

Our goal is to get you back to your favorite activities and sports so you can live a high quality, active life as you desire.


The Chiropractic Facility You've Been Searching For

Inside of our 7500sqft. fitness, wellness, and sports facility we are fully equipped with over 4000sqft. of turf and 2500sqft. of weight room with every piece of equipment we need to get you back to being active and feeling great. Our staff has a robust background and tremendous experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, training for general health and performance, and rehabilitation psychology allowing us to provide a high-level, evidence supported model for managing pain, resolving injuries, and helping you become a healthier, more active, and well-rounded individual. 

A Phased-Approach for your Rehabilitation Program

Osteopath at Work


We start by addressing what's causing you the most discomfort. We find the best way to get you relief as quickly as we can. We use a variety of adjustment techniques, soft-tissue modalities, and passive pain relief measures.

Push Up


As you start the process, we begin introducing low-level bouts of exercise to start the progression back to your desired level of fitness as you heal and recover. 

Enjoying Nature


Our ultimate goal is to progress you back to an even greater level of fitness and performance so you can return to your favorite activities with confidence, excitement, and a readiness to keep going!

The SkanStrength Chiro Difference
What to Expect at your First Visit

Your initial consultation won't seem like your normal visit to the doctor. Your Chiropractor will spend an hour or more digging into your medical history, injury, pain experience, lifestyle factors, fears, and anything that is pertinent to developing a short- and long-term solution for your individual situation. 

Once you've completed your initial consult, your Doctor will begin developing a Care Plan as your guide back to and beyond what you would like to achieve throughout your rehabilitation process. 

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