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A Movement Centered Approach to Pain & Injury.

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Chiropractic Adjustments


Mobility Session

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Exercise Focused Rehabilitation


Recovery Session

Running Shoes

Sports Rehabilitation

Healthy Food


Quality of Life

We understand how frustrating it is when pain makes it difficult to work, play, and simply function.


Our practice is run out of our gym & rehabilitation facility because current scientific evidence says that movement is a massive component to managing a wide range of pain, injuries, and chronic ailments. 

Our Doctors of Chiropractic utilize exercise, spinal adjustments, soft-tissue therapies, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle factors to manage your pain, get you moving, and keep you moving. 

A Customized Care Plan

Everyone's pain impacts them in different ways, for different lengths of time, and at different intensities.

Because everyone is different, we create customized Care-Plans that are unique to you and only you. 

Our Care-Plans involve a combination of all of the tools we can utilize to manage your pain.

Traditional chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, supplementation, soft-tissue therapy, recovery modalities, and lifestyle adjustments are all utilized in your care. 

We do not want to help you for a day, we want to provide a path toward long-term, sustainable pain management.

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A Customized Approach backed by Research

A new, evidence based approach to Chiropractic treatments.

Our treatments are heavily focused on not only helping you get out of pain, but developing a highly individualized Care Plan for you to get back to your favorite activities OR so you can start getting more active and fit.

You will work 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Chiropractic who will guide you through a completely customized Care Plan that's appropriate for you. 

Your care plan will incorporate a variety of traditional adjustments, rehabilitative exercise, nutritional guidance, a return-to-activity protocol, and all of this is personalized to your personal needs.

"Dr. Taylor is awesome and very thorough. After the adjustment, she'll work in some light movement training with the gym equipment. Each appointment is 45 minutes to an hour. Not like a typical 5-10 minute Chiro visit."

"Thank you so much for making my return to the gym and my first chiropractic experience so delightful. I'm feeling great today!"

"I’ve seen Dr. Taylor Flanick at SkanStrength for Chiropractor and mobility care since moving to Auburn in 2021 and have always appreciated her attentiveness and individualized programming...
I highly recommend Taylor for anyone needing work on their mobility, strengthening, fitness and chiropractic care."

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