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X-Ray Results

Chiropractic Adjustments

A Passive Approach to Healing

Although our evidence-based philosophy focuses heavily on utilizing more active modalities for treatments, such as exercise, nutrition, and examining lifestyle factors, many people experience tremendous benefit from a traditional chiropractic adjustment.

During the short, 30-minute appointment you will experience a variety of soft-tissue therapeutic techniques combined with spinal adjustments that chiropractors are traditionally known for performing.

These type of passive treatments can offer benefit for acute relief for a variety of musculoskeletal ailments along with headaches and migraines. Our Doctors will utilize these techniques while also digging into other factors that may be contributing to your pain experience in order to come up with robust solution(s).

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Your Chiropractic Adjustment Appointments will Include the Following

Osteopath at Work

Soft Tissue Techniques

Utilizing soft-tissue & massage techniques can help you to relax, provide relief to the painful area, and ready the body for a spinal adjustment and or mobility/flexibility treatments. 

Physical Therapy Session

Stretching & Mobility

Passively & actively moving your muscles, bones, and joints through a variety of ranges of motion can provide near immediate relief for aches, tweaks, and pains that bring you in to see our Doctors.


Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractors are most traditionally known for our ability to perform spinal adjustments meant to relieve pain & discomfort for a variety of ailments. Our Doctors are well-versed on a variety of safe, useful techniques to help you feel better today.

The SkanStrength Chiro Difference
What to Expect at your First Visit

Your initial consultation won't seem like your normal visit to the doctor. Your Chiropractor will spend an hour or more digging into your medical history, injury, pain experience, lifestyle factors, fears, and anything that is pertinent to developing a short- and long-term solution for your individual situation. 

Once you've completed your initial consult, your Doctor will begin developing a Care Plan as your guide back to and beyond what you would like to achieve throughout your rehabilitation process. 

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